The Royal Scottish Geographical Society 2009 Research Medal awarded to Professor Michael Pacione MA PhD DSc, Chair of Geography in the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


Professor Michael Pacione MA PhD DSc, Chair of Geography in the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow was awarded the 2009 Research Medal by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society in recognition of his “outstanding contribution to geographical knowledge through research and publication”. Professor Pacione has also been awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Society.

The Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s medals
and fellowships are among the world’s most prestigious awards for outstanding contributions to Geography. Professor Pacione joins a distinguished international list of previous recipients of the Society’s Research Medal that includes J. Wreford Watson; Jacqueline Beaujeu-Garnier; Gilbert White; Ronald Abler; David Rhind; Paul Claval; Anne Buttimer; Peter Dicken; Doreen Massey and David Harvey.


The Regional Science Association Internationl Founder’s Medal for
Professor Antoine Bailly University of Geneva

Professor Antoine Bailly, professor Emeritus at the
University agc_baillyof Geneva, is the recipient 2008 of the highest award in regional science the Founder’s Medal, an award given only every four years. It is the equivalent of the Field’s medal in mathematics, or of the Prix Vautrin Lud for Geography, awarded in fields without Nobel Prizes. The award will be given in Liverpool on august 28, 2008 in a plenary session of the European Congress in Regional Science.

The criteria:

The RSAI Founder’s Medal was established to recognise lifetime contributions to the field of Regional Science and to the Association. The criteria established for the award are as follows:

The recipient should be a senior scholar who has contributed in an important way to the field of Regional Science in a scholarly sense;

The recipient should have been active in the RSAI for a sustained period, but not necessarily active at the time of the award; also the award is not given posthumously;

The recipient should be a person with whom many members can identify; his/her contributions could be a major work in one area or many works in several areas;

The contribution need not be limited to one type of contribution; it might be theory, method or policy, for example;It is recognised that the native country and language of scholars affect the extent to which they are known by the membership, and an effort should be made to take this into account.

Born in 1944, Antoine Bailly is professor emeritus of economic geography at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He was a professor in different universities in Canada, France, Portugal and Switzerland. He is the president of the IGU Applied Geography Commission, of the Scientific Committee of the INRA PSDR (France) and of Forum Santé Gesundheit (Switzerland). He has published over 30 books and 300 papers in applied geography, economic and urban geography, and regional science. He is the cofounder of regional medicometry.

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