The 2007 meeting of the Applied Geography Commission, International Geography Union

The Commission’s 2007 meeting was held in conjunction with the 20th Pacific Regional Science Conference in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, May 6-9, 2007.

Lay Gibson organized and chaired a session with four excellent papers on Monday, May 7th.

Topics in Applied Regional Science Salon F
Chair: Lay Gibson, University of Arizona

  • The Impact of Industrial Specialization on Regional Growth in Australia: A Reassessment, Terry L. Clower and Andrew Beer, University of North Texas

Discussant: Robert Stimson, University of Queensland

  • Making Geographic Findings Matter: Implications for Applied Research and Teaching, Kingsley E. Haynes, George Mason University and Robert J. Stimson, University of Queensland

Discussant: Roger Stough, George Mason University

  • Developing a Large Scale Model to Simulate Growth for the Brisbane-South East Queensland Region, Robert Stimson, Martin Bell, Jonathan Corcoran, Prem Chhetri, David Pullar and Jim Cooper, University of Queensland

Discussant: Kingsley Haynes, George Mason University

  • The Constructionist Perspective in Applied Geography: Evolutionary Analysis with Examples, Antonie Bailly, University of Geneva and Roger Stough, George Mason University

Discussant: Terry L. Clower, University of North Texas

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